10 Homes For Sale With The World’s Best Views

10. Bacolet (Tobago, Caribbean)

Booking a cliff-top luxury home is a dream of many people. Buy how much do these houses actually cost? And what type of scenery can you expect from them? This Balinese-style beauty, for example, is located in Tobago and offers its future owner an amazing mix of East Asian décor and picturesque Caribbean surroundings with azure waters and sparkling white sands.

The villa rocks a top-notch swimming pool, a 20,000-gallon fishpond executed in oriental style with gorgeous koi swimming inside, and a Jacuzzi for a truly relaxing experience. The master bedroom offers a staggering view of the Atlantic Ocean, as well as the fashionable design of the inner quarters. Listing Price: $2.5 million. This house is a beauty, but the next one is even more stunning!