10 Smallest Houses for Rent In The World

10. Balancing On A Rock, Serbia

Do you really need a big home to live a happy and comfortable life? Many people create small houses no larger than a tiny apartment, yet they have everything one might need in their everyday lives. Bathroom, living room, bedroom, and all kitchen amenities – these houses have it all! Here we see a small house on a lake in Serbia.

Placed on a high rock, the house has been surviving sun, wind, and rain for 49 years. A group of young swimmers that frequented the lake in 1968 decided they wanted some kind of shelter on the rock – so they started building one! A simple shed soon turned into a one-room house that looks like one of the most amazing places to live. But how about a modern place like New York? Hit ‘next’ to see that it’s possible to live small in the Big Apple.