The Smiths Family’s Impressive Houses

New York Home – Enough Room for Everything

9.Will Smith's Impressive Homes

As usual, the Smiths show their liking for tasteful and stylish designs. Hardwood floors are classical, and plenty of wall space is enough to fit a large art collection. The living room boasts the Venetian bronze sliding window wall. The abundance of white and light colors makes the space look even larger. It is certainly possible to fit a large number of people here, talking about new movie projects, or just enjoying life and having rest after filming. Willow can even have dance classes in these enormous rooms!

The Smiths are a very friendly family, and they love live in comfort. Undoubtedly, they have a good taste in home design, which is seen in every piece of decoration in their homes. The ideas and motives encountered in their interiors are beautiful. The Smiths certainly managed to create their own unique nest (and even more than one).