Creative Space Saving Ideas For Small Apartments

1.Convertible Bed

If you live in a studio apartment, you’ll be aware of this problem. It’s the eternal question of “where to put the bed”. This problem has 2 sides to it. First of all, if your apartment is small you’ll have an issue of space. If you have a full sized bed – there’s no space for anything else, if you have a smaller bed, you’ll have space but won’t sleep very well. The other problem people often come across is the lack of privacy. When you live in a studio apartment you don’t really have a separate bedroom and a living room. You just kind of have a room for everything. Which means that if you put a big bed in there, every single person who comes into your apartment is kind of walking into your bedroom. This is where convertible bed comes in handy. This is a great space saving idea for a small apartment. It’s a bed that is big and comfortable, so you can have a wonderful night’s sleep, but it can also be hidden and transformed into a wall or a sofa.