The Strangest Houses In The World

1.Flintstones House

Everyone loves the Flintstones, it’s a 60’s cartoon classic. Each of us dreamed of having a pet dinosaur as a kid and wanted to live in the same house with the Flintstones. Well, there’s a man in america who made this dream a reality. His house looks very much like the Flintstones house in the cartoon and it’s one of the strangest houses in the world. From the outside the house looks like a rock and from the inside it’s a luxurious bachelor pad or a lush home for a small family. The Flintstones house has only 1 bedroom and 2 bathrooms, it also has a fireplace. The rocky interior really does make you feel like you stepped into the 60’s cartoon. The most impressive thing about this house is it’s location. You’ll be able to enjoy wonderful views from the windows of this unique home. You’ll have a 360 view of the Channel Islands, the Pacific Ocean, Mountains and City Lights.